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Medical education in India – the way forward

In 1956, the four-year-old republic of India replaced the colonial Indian Medical Council with the Medical Council of India (MCI). This institution was meant to guide the young republic in establishing a modern system of medical education and developing the human resources to provide the most appropriate medical care to all citizens. The Bhore committee report had already been completed in 1946. It had advised the establishment of a universal medical delivery system, with the primary health centre as the basic unit, taluk and district hospitals at the secondary level, and medical colleges at the tertiary level. Thus the medical colleges had two tasks: to develop the human resources required for expansion of the medical facilities available, and to provide the highest level...

Ethics in occupational health and safety: case studies from Gujarat

TRapid industrialisation in India is giving employment to millions of people in the formal sector, and many more in the unorganised sector. However, the absence of clear policies, poorly enforced regulations, lack of systematic reporting of occupational diseases, lamentable socioeconomic conditions of the workers and their limited access to healthcare make occupational health and safety (OHS) a critical area. OHS has received limited attention in mainstream research and policy-making..

Nursing error: an integrated review of the literature

December 5, 2016

Nursing errors are complex and take place frequently in the care of patients. However, despite their significance...

Ethical concerns related to mandatory reporting of sexual violence

November 25, 2016

The provision of care for survivors of sexual violence is a medico-legal emergency. However, due to social...

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